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Mark Reunions and Milestones with Professional Photos

January 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Family portrait photography serves many purposes.  Most often in taking portraits I strive to capture a person's spirit artistically using creative lighting, composition and depth of field.  Other times, however, the goal is to mark a point in time.  We go to great effort to gather extended family together to mark a special anniversary, birthday, graduation or holiday so it seems natural to commemorate the time together with a photograph.  Entire multi-generational families, cousins, adult siblings, sub-families, and grandparents with grandchildren are just a handful of the combinations of portraits taken.  And, marking the occasion with flattering natural light photos outdoors makes the outcome even more special--even if snowstorms and tricky lighting try to get in the way!  These photoshoots are always great fun--I love getting to know each family! 





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