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Strategies for Arranging Photography on Walls

January 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Arranging photographic art products as a group on a wall is a subjective task:  there is no one right way to lay them out. But, there are some guidelines that I have developed over the years to make the arrangements more balanced and aesthetically pleasing.  These strategies apply to any kind of artwork, but are especially useful with gallery wrap canvases.  Below I use foam core boards cut to various standard photo sizes to design wall arrangements utilizing certain strategies.  


1.  The Large Rectangle

The art is arranged within an imaginary rectangular line.  Margins inside the rectangle can be equal (2.5 inches in the first two examples) or uneven (as in the third arrangement.)  


2. Center Line (with Bottom Row Aligned)

An invisible horizontal line between the top and bottom rows of images grounds the arrangement.  The bottom side of the top row of photographs sits on the line, while the top side of the lower row meets the invisible line.  All margins are 2.5 inches.  The base of the bottom row of photographs is level, top of the first row is not. The symmetry provides balance and order to the arrangement.


3.  Bottom Row Aligned (No Center or Top Alignment)

A triangular arrangement with a peak in the center of the top row is always flattering.  All margins are equal at 2.5 inches.


4.  No Exterior or Center Alignment (Circular Pattern)

Even without center alignment or a straight exterior base line, these arrangements work because they have symmetry and/or a larger image grounding the display.


5.  Staircase (Top and Right Side Aligned; Stepped Alignment on Left Side)

Staircases and landings offer a fun location for arrangements that follow the rising stairs. In this case the top and right side of the arrangement mimic the strait line of the wall, while the bottom and left side track the rising stairs.    


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