Maureen G Nowak Photography | Preview: Spotlight on Talented Actors and Actresses

Preview: Spotlight on Talented Actors and Actresses

January 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have such fun each year photographing the talented actresses and actors of Delbarton's Abbey Players, and this year their energy was especially contagious. We worked together to craft headshots that reflected the upcoming "Into the Woods" performance.  The Brothers Grimm inspired story called for headshots that reflected the dark comedy and the enchanted nature of musical.  I used multiple Profoto reflectors and diffusers to manipulate the strong mid-day light streaming through a wall of windows in the atrium to create the most flattering natural lighting.  Using Canon's 1DX mark ii paired with the legendary 200mm f/2.0L lens, I was able to achieve the crispest focus with the most beautiful bokeh natural backdrop.  Tether Tool's Case Air enabled the cast to wirelessly view their proofs on an iPad Pro, allowing them to tweak their expressions and choose their favorite shots.  

Check out a slideshow of the 20-member cast set to "Into the Woods" theme music, and a selection of shots below.  

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