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High Resolution Photos Make Websites Pop

December 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

High quality professional photographs are key to bringing a website to life.  The internet is a visual place, which makes high resolution photos pivotal to selling a product, a service, a house, or a business image online.  Bright, clear, well-composed photos make a website engaging and help convey a vibrant business message.

  • High resolution screens require high resolution photographs.  With retina displays and high resolution smartphones dominating the market, web designers are utilizing attractive, large format photographic backgrounds.  
  • More data = more potential.  High quality pictures also mean that you can edit and crop photographs if needed without degrading the photo's appearance.  
  • Low quality photos cheapen your business image.   Photos taken with a phone or point-and-shoot camera make your site feel cheap with grainy, pixelated images.  This sends your visitor the message that you are an amateur.
  • New photos keep your website fresh.  Pictures are an immediate sign that you have updated your site, and they show visitors that they will find fresh content on your site.  
  • Building trust.  Images that are relevant to what you are writing or selling build a trust with your clients and underscore your business message.  

2016 will bring higher quality screens and more creative websites, all loading at speeds faster than ever before.  Give me a ring to discuss how unique images can make your business stand out among competitors.  Following are a handful of examples of images I created that helped sell products and services in 2015.  



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