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Caring for Photographic Artwork

March 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The photographic artwork that I create is produced by the top professional photographic labs and designed to last for hundreds of years.  That said, proper care in hanging and cleaning is essential to keeping your product looking it's best.  

  • Heat, sunlight, and humidity can cause fading, discoloration and warping in all types of artwork.  Never hang photographic art directly above a heating unit or fireplace where it could be subject to drying heat.  Although my products are coated to help protect against UV exposure, avoid hanging art in direct sunlight.  Also, keep artwork away from high humidity areas, like bathrooms.  
  • "Less is more" is my rule when cleaning all photographic fine art products.  A feather duster or soft, dry art brush works best for keeping your art dust-free.  Never spray any cleaning product or water on any artwork.  Ammonia products are deadly to fine art acrylics and metals, and any type of moisture can damage fine art canvas.  Cleaners can even harm glass-covered prints because the moisture can seep between the glass and frame.  And blowing on your print may inadvertently deposit water droplets that can mark your print.  Also, do not use furniture polish on wood frames.
  • Use two nails in the wall instead of one to support the weight of the product.  The nails/hooks can be separated by a few inches in the middle of the artwork or placed on the edges of the product.  This distributes the weight more evenly and helps to prevent warping on frames.  Multiple hanging points also helps to keep the artwork hanging straight.  




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