Maureen G Nowak Photography | The 100 Day Project: Chapter 4

The 100 Day Project: Chapter 4

July 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Im loving what I'm discovering in this project!  I am staying true to the parameters:  a daily photograph using only available light, the new Canon 5DSR camera body, Canon's 50mm 1.2L lens shot only at the tricky (but potentially magical) 1.2 aperture, and six rotating subjects.  It's not about the most flattering portrait, but about manipulating light, composition, and depth of field in the most creative ways.  Check out the latest ...


Day 28Day 28

DAY 28


Day 29Day 29

DAY 29


Day 30Day 30

DAY 30


Day 31Day 31

DAY 31


Day 32Day 32 DAY 32


Day 33Day 33

DAY 33


Day 34Day 34 DAY 34


Day 35Day 35 DAY 35


Day 36Day 36 DAY 36



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