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The 100 Day Project: The Final Chapter 11

October 09, 2015  •  2 Comments

I am absolutely thrilled to share that I completed all 100 days of my colossal project that began on the Summer Solstice in June.  I'm especially proud of how the images developed and the complexity of some of the shots from the last week. I was determined to finish with a bang ... and how couldn't I when I begin the final week with a black evening gown and a sparkling 2015 white Porsche? Click to view a slideshow of the complete project.

Quick recap:  100 days of images, each taken of one subject outside in only natural light.  Canon’s flagship 5DS R mounted with Canon’s 50 mm f/1.2L lens was the only one that could be used.  And, every shot had to be taken “wide open” at an aperture of f/1.2, which creates an extremely shallow depth of field.  The lens at this setting is one of the most challenging to shoot with, and it’s now among my favorites.  The project was inspired by a broad-scoped challenge in “The Great Discontent” magazine — the parameters for the project were my own choice.  The daily goal was to be creative, unique, and true to my style — it wasn’t about the most flattering portrait or hokey poses, rather about manipulating light, perception, angle, depth of field, and composition for the final product. 

Fun facts:  No typical smiling shots; in fact, only five out of 100 have smiles — and those were completely spontaneous grins.  Out of 100 pics, 68 are color, 26 black/white, 2 color/black-white mixed, 2 split toned for a sepia effect, and 2 partially desaturated.  Most shots were taken in Chester, NJ, although about 20 were taken in the Adirondacks, Poconos, Bernardsville, Gladstone, Delbarton, Elmwood Historic Cemetery in New Brunswick, Bucknell University, and Lehigh University.  

A special thanks to all the individuals and businesses that allowed me to shoot on their grounds.  And, most important, hats off to my six awesome models for joining in my creative endeavor!

Day 92Day 92

DAY 92


Day 93Day 93

DAY 93


Day 94Day 94

DAY 94


Day 95Day 95

DAY 95


Day 96Day 96

DAY 96


Day 97Day 97

DAY 97


Day 98Day 98

DAY 98


Day 99Day 99

DAY 99


Day 100Day 100

DAY 100

​Note:  Check out a recent blog entry for the story behind this swan song shot!



I looked at each of the pictures you have taken for your project with great joy. They are breath taking, captivating and inspiring. Also your models are beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing...
Thanks so much for sharing this project and your fabulous portraits! You're inspiring!
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