Maureen G Nowak Photography | Preview: Adding Zest to Team Photos

Preview: Adding Zest to Team Photos

October 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Team pictures are classic ... wonderful memories that document a point in time and membership in a group.  But, who says that you can't add a bit of spice to the classic shot?  It's always more fun to capture personalities and the camaraderie between players.

For a sharp look, shoot and crop for a longer, narrower 1:2 ratio that mimics the layout of the team: 



When printing and/or framing for team members, add the team and year for posterity and print in a 2:3 ratio (i.e. an 8x12" print) instead of the more typical 4:5 ratio (i.e. 8x10" print) MGN_5151_textMGN_5151_text


After the traditional team shots, capture the players informally for some magical memories.  In the following shots, graduating Seniors who have spent years playing together show their lighter side. MGN_5121MGN_5121 MGN_5165MGN_5165 MGN_5179MGN_5179


Adding graphic designs, names, years, motos and more makes the memory all the more special ... especially when produced on a fun high-gloss surface like fine art metals or acrylics, like below.


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