Equipment Review: Putting Canon's 1DX mark ii to the Test

September 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Canon's flagship 1DX mark ii has the most advanced autofocus and tracking system of any camera body.  It is hailed by olympic and professional sports photographers everywhere for it's ability to capture remarkable action shots.  I put the camera to an extreme test during a recent photoshoot of a rowing club on the go.  This shoot was a particular challenge because not only were these oarsmen and women moving quickly, but I was being jostled around shooting from a very bumpy boat.  I also was photographing wide open (at the widest aperture) to create a shallow depth of field, offering no forgiveness if the focus point wasn't spot on.  Tasked with capturing individual rowers in motion, I shot from the lowest angle possible to create a unique up-close-and-personal perspective.  The 1DX mark ii completely wowed me with a phenomenal 16-shots a second and a 63-point al servo focus system as quick as my eye.   



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