The 100 Day Project: Chapter 8

October 05, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It feels like I'm running a marathon!  Check out days 65 to 73 of my 100 day project.  I think hard for hours to come up with a creative look and location that stays true to my style.  I love some of the locations for the following backdrops, including an abandoned girls school, a cemetery in Gladstone, Lehigh University, a butterfly launch, an arboretum, and the streets of Chester Borough.  


Day 65Day 65

DAY 65


Day 66Day 66

DAY 66


Day 67Day 67

DAY 67


Day 68Day 68

DAY 68


Day 69Day 69

DAY 69


Day 70Day 70

DAY 70


Day 71Day 71

DAY 71


Day 72Day 72

DAY 72


Day 73Day 73

DAY 73



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